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If you wish to travel with your pet, please inform us of your intention at the time of booking, but not later than 36 hours before flight.

Pets in the passenger cabin

Cats, dogs and birds are accepted for transportation only if accompanied by an adult passenger and upon the consent of the airline. Only one pet in a cage is allowed for transportation in a cabin. Weight with a cage must be not more than 8kg/18lbs. Pets should be transported in cages with free air access. Maximum cage size is 115cm in three dimensions (length, height, width). A cage must be equipped with a strong lock. Passengers with pets are not allowed to seat near emergency exits. Don’t forget to take a pet first aid kit.

Pets in the cargo hold

If the weight of a pet with a cage exceeds 8kg/18lbs, it can only be carried in the cargo hold. A cage’s size must allow a pet to stand up and to turn 360 degrees. A bottom of a cage must be water-proof and covered with absorbent material. As an exception birds are allowed for transportation in locked cages, covered with a lightproof dense texture.

Pet transportation tariffs

The weight of the animal and a cage is not included in your free baggage allowance and will be charged as an excess baggage. Guide dogs, accompanying passengers are carried free of charge.

Guide dogs are carried free of charge and without a cage, provided they have a collar, muzzle and are tied. Passengers travelling with guide dogs are provided with seats at the rear of the cabin.

Required travel documents for pets

  1. Veterinary passport
  2. A medical certificate is required. This certificate is issued at any state veterinary clinic (form #4 for Moscow residents, form #1 for near-Moscow residents). The certificate contains information on inoculations administered to the animal at certain ages. The last anti-rabies inoculation must have been administered no earlier than one year prior and no later than one month before departure.
  3. A certificate from one of the two licensed Moscow breeding clubs,SKOR or RKF, stating that the animal presents no breeding value. Certificates obtained from any other club may result in delays at customs.

Pay your attention that some countries have very strict pet transportation regulations. We recommend you to find information about the regulations of destination country and get pets’ health documents.

Exotic animals transportation

For a transportation of an exotic animal, please, contact your local cargo transportation agent.

Additional information


Aeroflot reserves the right to decide on the number of animals to transport and the method of transportation.

Please, get familiar with the terms and conditions of travelling with exotic animals when booking your ticket.

Passengers shall bear all responsibility for their pets. The carrier is not liable for bodily injuries, loss, delay of delivery, disease or transportation through any country or territory.

Please note that special rules can be applied when transporting animals to a range of countries.

Please refer to the Federal Agency for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Supervision web-site or to Aeroflot’s Call Center’s specialists to specify the animals transportation rules beforehand:

Moscow +7 (495) 223-5555

Russia 8-800-444-5555